Feedback Received

undefinedARK carries out regular surveys amongst the people we support, tenants and stakeholders (such as family members) and we consistently receive excellent feedback.

The Survey Report 2018 (PDF, 870KB, opens in new window) is a summary of the feedback received through ARK annual questionnaire.

This is sent out to people who receive support, their families and professionals to ask them what they think about ARK’s services.

Here are some of the positive results for 2018:

  • 96% of people we support agree that people speak and listen to them in a polite and respectful way.
  • 92% of people we support agree that they are listened to and taken seriously if they have a complaint or a concern.
  • 93% of people we support feel secure and safe where they live and 91% of people we support are helped to take part in their community.


Here's some of the specific feedback we received in the Survey Report 2018:

From people who get support:

"I have an excellent relationship with all ARK staff"

"I have lived 4 years in Grangemouth now and during that time ARK have supported me very well. I sadly lost my mum in February and managers and staff got me through this sad time and I really appreciated that, also completing forms with regards to my council flat or benefit matters. It is good to have a voice at the end of the phone when you need it"


From family members:

"We are very lucky to have very caring and dedicated carers in ARK"

"I am not sure about choosing new staff but my family member is always introduced and shows the staff around her flat”


From professionals:

"She is a real success story. Her support worker has done an amazing job and continues to help and improve her life. Great job and brilliant staff."

"Speak out groups are greatly enjoyed by all who attend - very important to service users to be given continued participation in this way.”



You can read more feedback in our 2017-2018 Housing Report (PDF).

If you would like to add your own feedback please contact us.