Short Breaks

undefinedARK supports our supported people to choose a Short Break that is meaningful to them and provides a life-enhancing experience.

Why do ARK provide short break and respite services?

ARK provides Short Break and respite care for adults with support needs. We ensure both the planning and experience provide Positive Outcomes for both the supported people and their carers/families.

ARK and other relevant agencies will provide support to help identify the needs, views and wishes of each individual. 

We provide short breaks and respite care in a person-centred way, based on the principles and rights that all individuals enjoy as citizens, in particular a right to dignity, privacy, choice & safety.

Positive Experience

ARK will promote our supported people’s independence whilst managing positive risk-taking in a pro-active and planned way.

We endeavour to provide Short Breaks that are rich in purpose, taking into consideration gender, ethnicity, language, culture and faith. We support individuals to undertake meaningful activities during the Short Break or respite stay, in an environment which is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Meeting Service User’s Needs

ARK will ensure that the environment chosen for the Short Break will meet the needs of the supported people. 

This will include ensuring that any equipment required is available, safely installed & used according to Health & Safety legislation, as well as ensuring:

  • Supported people’s views on the room provided are taken into account
  • Supported people’s views about wanting to share Short Breaks with others are taken into account and arranged effectively
  • Opportunities to meet other people and develop new relationships and take part in new activities. 

Options for Short Breaks:

ARK provides Short Breaks services for adults with disabilities across the Scottish Borders and a respite service at our care home in Grangemouth (ARK Grange). If  you would be interested in having this service in your area, please let us know.

Short Breaks can also be provided in a range of settings supported by ARK staff, including:

  • Holiday breaks to a variety of destinations
  • Holiday breaks with other individuals such as friends assessed as needing short breaks
  • Supported breaks for an individual and their carer
  • Breaks in specifically allocated Respite Facilities
  • Flexible breaks supported by Direct Payments
  • Day-time short breaks, using local leisure facilities. 

Short Breaks - Formal Agreement

An agreement is provided to cover the supported people and their family’s/carer’s wishes. This includes:

  • A record of the agreed service, what it is, how long it will last, how often it’s provided and its purpose and cost.
  • A record of the supported people’s Outcomes and how we will support each individual to meet those Outcomes.
  • Arrangements for review
  • Preference for what the supported people prefers to be called
  • A record of the supported people’s choices and preferences, including social and recreational activities.
  • A record of preferred accommodation for short breaks away from home
  • Personal care needs
  • Food preference and any special dietary needs
  • Management of medication or other medical needs.
  • Cultural, faith, religious and spiritual needs
  • Positive Risk taking
  • Contact details and procedures to be used in emergencies.

Our services

ARK is committed to providing a range of services for its tenants and supported people.