undefinedARK offers transition services for people with learning disabilities.  

 We can help you or a person you care for to move from one service to another, or one home to another home, with minimal impact and the best possible support.

We can provide specialist housing for many of the supported people we support, with bespoke individualized fixtures and fittings.

How Transitions Work

 We have been involved in various forms of transitions since opening its doors in 1977. Because of this experience and knowledge we have established proven processes and put staff training in place to ensure best outcomes for our supported people.  

 A number of ARK’s internal departments may be involved in the transition process, depending on the needs of supported people -  including the Housing Department, Service Managers and Team Leaders. 

 ARK also works alongsidemulti-disciplinary external teams including Local Authorities, OH and the NHS, when sourcing or adapting housing to suit individual supported people’s needs and to ensure best outcomes.  

Staff Training

Our team leaders and service managers work alongside professionals and other support providers to identify training requirements for all staff involved in the transition process. 

ARK Service Managers then work with our Learning and Development Manager, who assists each project to develop a training plan and provides or sources all relevant training required to ensure a successful outcome after the transition.

Testimonials from stakeholders:

“ARK strives to ensure that my brother’s interests are recognized and respected. They ensure that he manages to visit things that interest him.”

“In a crisis situation, I thought ARK handled the Transition in a professional, responsive, focused and flexible manner.”

“I have found the interests of the two clients I visit are very much at the heart of their care plans.”

Our services

ARK is committed to providing a range of services for its tenants and supported people.