How we work

Supporting People to Live Good Lives

Our primary aim is to support people to exercise choice and control and enable them to have a happy life through the provision of person-centred care.

Due to recent legislation, the people we support and their families or carers now have more control over how their money is spent and a greater ability to choose the type of support that most suits them. This is known as Self-Directed Support.

Read more about Self-Directed Support and Person-centred Care.

Speak Out: Encouraging Citizenship and Participation

Another important part of what we do is to encourage the people we support to build relationships and be active and contributing members of their community.

This is a two way process and ARK also supports the local community to become more involved with ARK's Speak Out Groups.

Read our Speak Out and Citizenship pages for more information.

Staff Learning and Development

Staff learning and development is essential in order to provide the best level of care and support for our service users and tenants.

Read more about our Learning and Development department.

How ARK’s services are assessed

In most instances, after an initial assessment of a person’s requirements, our services are accessed through a Local Authority social work department. 

Individuals may however wish to contact ARK directly if they have been given their own budget, have a Direct Payment system in place, or if they have an Independent Living Fund award.

Our Care and Support services are registered with the Care Inspectorate, who are responsible for regulating and inspecting care services in Scotland to make sure that they meet the right standards. 

On the rare occasions where things go wrong with the delivery of our Care and Support services, and these are covered by our responsibilities under the organisational Duty of Candour, we ensure that the people affected are offered an explanation, an apology and an assurance that staff will learn from the error.  Further general information in relation to the Duty of Candour can be accessed here, and our organisational report on incidents to which the Duty of Candour of Candour applies for the period 2020-2021, can be accessed here.

You can also read about ARK’s Rules and Key Policies and how we ensure the Health and Safety of our service users, tenants and staff on our Quality and Compliance page.

If you would like to discuss any of the services that ARK can offer, please contact us or take a look at our Care & Support section for more information.

Tenants and Service Users Scrutiny Group

This group, called the Hub Group, scrutinizes ARK’s housing and care services and makes recommendations to the Board of Management about what ARK could improve. The Hub Group gives people who receive support or housing the chance to have a say in the decision making and governance within ARK.

This group provides a way to give tenants and service users more influence, and the ability to hold their service providers to account. It is also an opportunity to develop partnership working between tenants, service users and ARK to deliver excellent services.

In 2015 ARK recruited the members of this group and after months of interviews and planning, the ARK Hub Group has finally made it! At the end of 2016 four new members joined the Ark Hub Group, they have a lot of work to do!

Members are:

  • Fiona Henderson from Edinburgh.
  • Angela Rennie from Angus.
  • David Tawse from The Scottish Borders.
  • David Ledner from Midlothian.
  • Kimberley Fyfe from Angus.
  • David Hill From Angus.
  • Joanne Murrey from Perth and Kinross.
  • Roy Milne from Angus.

If you want to keep up to date with the Hub Group activities you can find more information on the quarterly ARK Newsletter or on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are an ARK service user or tenant and would like to raise an issue which you would like the Hub Group to consider, or if you are interested in the work of the Hub Group, and would perhaps like to join the Group in future, please contact Kirsty McKenzie at or phone her at 0131 478 8141.