REMINDER! We need your feedback!

If you get support from Ark, or know someone who does because you are a family member or a professional, you should have received an email or a letter with a short questionnaire.

This is your chance to say what you think we’re getting right and where we need to get better.

So please make sure to send us your completed survey by the end of August!


We would like to thank all who took time to fill out the survey.

We are very pleased to hear the kind words you sent our way:


‘I feel that Ark are at the very top standard and are doing a very good job and give them 100/100’

(from a person we support)

‘My niece was kept busy during the restrictions which helped immensely. Someone is always available to answer any queries I have. And they keep me informed of any changes or problems’

(from a family member)


‘In my view the care and support provided is very good and staff contact relevant professionals if they have any concerns’

(from a professional)


We promise we also want to read how we can improve our service and make it right for you!

We very much hope that you will take the time to respond.


Want to see the results of past surveys? Check our Feedback Received page.



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