Season's Greetings from Ark!

What a year 2020 has been for all of us; our lives changed beyond recognition and those simple things that we perhaps took for granted, were taken away from us overnight and we all had to adjust to a new way of living.

For our tenants and whilst they were making personal adjustments; they wanted to know that the property they were living in would continue to be maintained and repairs carried and that tenancy support would be available to them should they require it.  I am proud of the work my housing teams did during this period and at time of writing we have restarted all of our services and continue to deliver housing and property services of a very high standard and if that is not your experience as a tenants please let us know so we can resolve any issue you may have.

For our supported people; many of whom were assessed as being in the vulnerable Covid-19 category, they saw changes to the way their care and support was provided and care and support teams had to adjust the many new health and safety requirements placed upon them by guidance and legislation relating to how social care services should be delivered during a pandemic.  Whilst support services were disturbed in some way, we saw lots of great examples of the fun our supported people were having with their teams, as they got very creative in how they were spending time together in people’s homes. As I write this introduction to the newsletter, there has been no reported case of Covid-19 amongst our group of supported people across Ark; that is simply an astonishing achievement by our care and support teams and their diligence and ability to adapt to a new ways of working has kept our supported people safe. All at Ark can’t thank our support workers enough for this amazing achievement.

For our employees and colleagues across Ark, this has been a year of significant change. Our support workers and care and support management teams rightly get praised for carrying on attending their work places and continuing to deliver services through the height of both waves of the pandemic and I too wish to recognise what has been a fantastic effort on their part.

I would also like to thank all of our other colleagues across Ark for the way in which they responded to keep the support functions of business operating effectively, so there would be no detrimental impact on tenants and our care and support services and that employees needs continued to be addressed throughout this period of time.

We are all equal inside this organisation, we may have different roles and responsibilities, but we are all working towards the same aims; that Ark provides the highest quality of care and housing to our customers.


So what does 2021 hold for all of us; hopefully Covid-19 will retreat and we can all get back to the lives that each of individually call normal.

For Ark, we will continue to push on with delivering our business plan and here are some of the things you will hear more about in the early part of 2021:

  • We will agree our plans for delivering the key objectives in our business plan with the Board in March 2021 and we will communicate this to you shortly afterwards
  • We will create many opportunities for you to hear about what is going on in the organisation and more importantly hear from you about what is important to you
  • We will create multi-year plans to make improvements in our housing stock and we will inform you about the plans for your specific property, so you know when you can expect your new kitchen; bathroom or windows
  • We will have a key focus upon energy efficiency with the aim of making our properties greener and cheaper to run
  • We will review our care and support provision to ensure the services people receive have been designed by them and they have made the decisions, where possible, around their care and support
  • We will create many opportunities for our colleagues across Ark to engage with all of the work we are doing; enabling them to influence those plans to ensure we get it right and they feel valued by their employer
I would like to end by thanking everyone who works for Ark and thanking every customer who uses Ark services.  We are all part of this fantastic organisation and I am more confident than ever that the plans we have set out in our business plan will deliver the change and improvements you all wish to see.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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