The Keys to Life - a new plan for people with learning disabilities

undefinedEarlier this year the Scottish Government launched The Keys To Life Implementation Framework and Priorities 2015-2017 which outlines what they are planning to do for people with learning disabilities in the future.

The plan is based on feedback from people with learning disabilities on what is most important for them.

For example, Tracy Lynch (pictured) who is an ARK tenant and service user, is a member of the Keys to Life Experts Group.

 Their job is to tell the Scottish Government if they are getting it right or not and to tell more people about how it's being taken forward.

What ARK is doing about the plan

ARK welcomes the plan and we will be keeping a close eye on how it develops.

We have already discussed it at both the ARK Voices meeting and the ARK Working Group Meeting, and a number of workshops will also be taking place for local Speak Out groups.

In September we also sent out a Keys to Life questionnaire (314KB, PDF) to all ARK service users asking them to tell us what makes their life good and what makes it not so good. 

Their responses will help us monitor progress on the various aspects of the plan so we can let the Scottish Government know what works and what doesn't.

For more information see the September 2015 issue of the Speak Out newsletter. This also includes updates on:

  • ARK Voices
  • ARK Working Group
  • Active Citizenship 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Staff Recruitment 
  • Speak Out Groups

You can also read previous issues of the newsletter and a new issue is due in December.

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