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The results of our latest care and support survey are in!

We sent the brand new questionnaire at the end of 2020 and we have now processed all the responses and shared the feedback with our local teams so they know what’s working well, and where they need to put things right.

Here is what we have found out:

  • 96% of supported people agreed that they get good care and support that is right for them
  • 94% of family members agreed that they trust the people who support and care for the person they know
  • 96% of professionals agreed that the person they know is involved in their care and support or if the person can't make certain decisions themselves, they agree the right people are involved on their behalf.


Here are some quotes from people we support:

‘I am happy. Staff are very helpful. Staff are very good. Every goal I set Ark helps me achieve this’.


From family members:

‘The supported individual is very happy with her carers and gets lots of support. The carers have been marvellous during lockdown. I don't think they could do any more for her.’


From professionals:

‘Ark are very supportive and are meeting the person’s needs. The service is excellent in providing updates in regard to the individual’


We are very grateful to the people who took time to send us their thought and suggestions. However, you do not need to wait another year to let us what you think of our care and support service! If you would like to give us your feedback please contact us.



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