Your home is the foundation of a good life

Wednesday 19th September is Scottish Housing Day celebrating the impact that housing makes to the lives of people and communities across the country, as well as communicating to people about their housing options.


Part of the campaign is to share housing stories:undefined

  • what you want politicians to do to help you and your  family get a home
  • the challenges of finding a suitable home
  • the excitement of getting your dream home
  • anything else related to your housing story


It is very important that we hear about peoples housing experiences, the good stories and the not so good stories. There is a lot of work being done in the Scottish Government and by ARK and other organisations to make sure that people with particular housing requirements do not get overlooked when housing is being allocated or built.


From our work we know that there are many people either still ‘living' in hospital or with their parents  or in accommodation that makes them unhappy. We also know that there is not nearly enough thought given to how we meet the housing requirements of people who have disabilities. Not everyone is treated equally and this goes against everything that both the Equalities Act and the Fairer Scotland Duty expect of public bodies.


There are 2 key groups that need your information to help inform how Scotland meets the housing requirements of people with disabilities.


The Accessible Housing Group is a group that was set up to support the national delivery plan for housing and focuses on

  • Improving access for disabled people to suitable housing
  • Increasing supply of accessible housing across all tenures
  • Delivery
  • Design: flexibility and innovation.


The SCLD Improving Outcomes for housing delivery group is particularly focussed on the housing requirements of people with learning difficulties.


If you have anything you would like to contribute to either group please contact Jane Gray.


ARK is committed to meeting the housing and support requirements of people with disabilities. A good life is not made up of support alone. Everyone should have a home where they feel happy, safe and secure.

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