Tenant Scrutiny Group

This group, called the Hub Group, scrutinizes Ark’s housing services and makes recommendations to the Board of Management about what Ark could improve. The Hub Group gives people who receive housing the chance to have a say in the decision making and governance within Ark.

This group provides a way to give tenants more influence, and the ability to hold their service providers to account. It is also an opportunity to develop partnership working between tenants and Ark to deliver excellent services.

The group was first launched in 2015 however following a review in 2019-20 a new group has been formed with external facilition from TIS. Details of current Hub Group Members will be published shortly.

If you want to keep up to date with the Hub Group activities you can find more information on the quarterly ARK Newsletter or on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are an Ark tenant and would like to raise an issue which you would like the Hub Group to consider, or if you are interested in the work of the Hub Group, and would perhaps like to join the Group in future, please contact Rachel Cooper at rachel.copper@arkha.org.uk.