Feedback Received


Every year we ask the people we support, their family members, and other professionals to complete our Annul Survey to find out if they are satisfied with the care and support service they, or the person they know, are receiving.

We carried out our latest survey in August 2021. We processed all the responses and we shared the feedback with our local teams so they know what’s working well, and where they need to put things right.

Here are some the results of our latest survey:

  • 100% of supported people are happy with the care and support they get
  • 93% of family members think Ark is doing a good job
  • 100% of professionals are happy with the support provided to the person they know


We are grateful to the people who took time to send us their thought and suggestions.


Here are some quotes from people we support:

‘I am very happy with how my staff care and support me with everyday life’
'I feel that Ark are at the very stop standard and are doing a very good job and I give them 100/100'

From family members:

‘I feel the standard of care is excellent at all times and I have nothing but praise for Ark’s staff’
'My niece was kept busy during the (Covid-19) restrictions which helped immensely. Someone is always available to answer any queries I have and they keep me informed of any changes or problems'

From professionals:

‘Ark are a very good organisation. No concerns about the type of support they provide’
'In my view the care and support provided is very good and staff contact relevant professionals if they have any concerns' 


About the questionnaire

In 2019 we carried out a review of the survey format and of its process.  We listened to our customers and stakeholders’ comments and we reviewed the survey accordingly, making it shorter and more relevant to you.

The questions we ask in the survey are based on the Health and Social Care Standards, so that through your response we can identify if we are meeting these standards.

Feedback on the survey itself was positive. The majority of supported people, family members and professionals said that they liked the format of the survey and the questions we asked. These are some of the comments we received.

From family members:

‘Straightforward relevant survey and easy to understand’
‘Easy and simple but also correct questions asked’


From supported people:

‘The coloured photos and bright colours make it eye catching easy to read and understand as it's all spaced out and easy to understand’
 ‘It's simple, I like that because I don't enjoy filling out forms’
 ‘Much easier questions than usual. Makes staff's job easier when they try to explain them to me’



If you are interested in our housing service you can read our latest Tenants’ Report on our performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter.


We welcome your feedback at any time; please contact us.