The housing, social and health care sector in Scotland currently faces many challenges.

Ark’s staff at all levels including our management team and local service managers have significant knowledge, experience and insight to bring to the table.

At the same time we need to lead by example and put what we learn into practice.

That’s why we are committed to helping to prepare for the future of community-based integrated housing, social and health care in Scotland by working in partnership with colleagues in the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and other organisations.


What Needs to Change

1. We need to listen harder to more people, understand their requirements and get our response right.

2. We need to protect people’s aspirations.

3. We need to stop thinking and planning in silos.

4. We need to use the current warm policy framework, in which we think differently at every level, reach out to others in different sectors where appropriate and focus on creating responsive and deliverable solutions.


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