Our Vision and Mission

 Our Vision:

'Inclusive communities where quality of housing and care enable people to thrive and live a good life.'

Ark works every day to break down barriers for the people we serve, our tenants and supported people. Through our housing teams we work to ensure our tenants are not financially excluded by mitigating the impact of welfare reforms and keeping rents affordable and mitigating the impact of rising fuel costs by ensuring our housing is energy efficient.

We provide care and support to one of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups of people in society and our vision is that through our work and the work of others, this group will be enabled to become active citizens in the communities in which they live.

Our Mission:

'Create the best possible customer outcomes through our highly skilled people, the provision of high quality affordable homes and excellent care.'

Good quality housing and high quality care are essential to enable Ark to achieve its vision. We will invest in improving the quality of housing we own through the implementation of our Asset Management Strategy; we will invest in our people and ensure they have the skills and personal qualities to enable Ark to provide the best possible customer service and we will invest in a continuous improvement approach that places at the centre the expressed wishes
of our supported people.