The ARK Charter

Our Charter

undefinedThe Ark Charter is a list of things that we promise to do for our tenants and supported people. It tells them what they can expect from their housing and support services.

It reflects our responsibilities as laid out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter which you can read more about in our Housing section.

The Ark Charter comes in 2 parts so people can decide how much information they want to have. 

The Postcard Charter tells you what ARK’s 5 main promises are to you. You can read it here, or download the illustrated PDF version (1 page PDF, 350k, opens in new window).

The larger Charter Booklet (12 page PDF, 2.9MB, opens in new window) gives you more information about the 5 main promises and some examples of what you can expect from ARK.

Regulations we must follow

The Ark Charter brings together all the main expectations of our main regulators, the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Scottish Care Inspectorate.

We regularly have to report to these regulators on how our tenants and supported people think we are doing.

How the current Ark Charter was written

The latest version of the charter was written by three of our tenant and supported people who worked together on it for three months. They used the existing Ark Charter, the National Involvement Network Charter for Involvement, and the Scottish Social Housing Charter to do this.


The charter was then sent out to tenants and service users to find out if people liked it. After making some final changes to it, the charter was approved by the Board of Management on February 27th 2013.

If you have any comments or questions about the Charter please get in touch with Participation Officer Gloria Greganti at or 0131 478 8147.