Learning Disabilities

undefinedARK has been instrumental in improving conditions for people with learning disabilities in Scotland since it was founded in 1977.

We continue to provide care and support with the best interests of our service users and their families as our main priority.

What do we mean by ‘Learning Disability?’ 

ARK's values are firmly based in human rights and treating everyone we meet as an equally valuable member of society.

Therefore we choose to put our focus on the whole person and their potential, as described in the second paragraph of the following definition, taken from the Scottish Government strategy ‘The keys to life - Improving Quality of Life for People with Learning Disabilities’, published in 2013. (Read the full report here).

“People with learning disabilities have a significant, lifelong, condition that started before adulthood, which affected their development and which means they need help to understand information, learn skills, and cope independently.

But this is only part of a description. It does not capture the whole person who can be much more – a friend, a family member, a community activist, a student, a parent, an employee or employer to name just a few roles. It is essential that we keep in mind all of these possibilities.”

How many people with Learning Disabilities are there in Scotland?

 As of 2013, 26,355 adults with learning disabilities (requiring support) were known to local authorities in Scotland as well as about 16,000 school aged children and young people - according to the most recent survey by Learning Disability Statistics Scotland. 

If you have any questions you would like to ask, or would like to discuss how we can help you or someone you care for, please contact us.

Our services

ARK is committed to providing a range of services for its tenants and supported people.