What ARK Offers

We offer care and support services to people wherever they live, either in the home they own or in rented or shared accommodation. 

We specialise in supporting adults over the age of 16 who have complex and significant care requirements. These are mainly, but not exclusively, people with learning difficulties who may have autism, early onset dementia, Prader Willi syndrome, other physical or medical conditions or who are placed on a statutory order. 

We have the ability to create the ‘whole’ person centred solution by developing specifically designed housing to better meet their needs.

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Ark is committed to ensuring that those people we support have their medical needs met in their own home, if it is at all possible. We work jointly with community medical staff to prevent and/or minimise reliance on hospital admission. We can also provide support to those with long term illnesses, as well as supporting their partner and family through a difficult and emotional period.

We also support people who require focussed support to maintain their tenancy or carry out a particular activity, for example going to college or work.

We believe that everyone has gifts and talents to contribute to both their own and the common good. We also believe that everyone has a broadly similar set of needs. 

Our services

ARK is committed to providing a range of services for its tenants and supported people..