Apply for Housing

Frequently Asked Questions


Who Can Apply for Housing?

Ark properties are available to any person over the age of 16 regardless of their geographical location or degree of housing need.

What Type and Size of Properties do you have for Rent?

We have properties ranging from Bedsits to 4 Bedrooms. We also provide some specially adapted properties in order to meet the needs of our tenants who may experience difficulties due to physical or medical conditions.

How do you decide who gets offered a property?

All applications are assessed in accordance with our recently revised Allocations policy (PDF, 192kb, opens in new window) and will be assessed on a Priority Needs Basis. This information is summarised in our Applications Leaflet (PDF, 380k).

All applications for our properties outside Edinburgh are assessed from the information you give in the Housing Application Form (PDF, 281k), which asks you about your present housing circumstances, personal, social and medical factors. To help us monitor equality of opportunity, please also complete and return a consent based monitoring form.

Alternatively, phone or write to us and ask for a form to be sent out.




We will assess the information that you give us and award a number of points. You will then be advised of how many points you have been awarded, and you will be placed on our housing list.

We cannot tell you how long it will take for you to be rehoused, nor can we supply you with information about your position on the list, because as new applications are received, your position on the list may change.


How is my information handled?

You should read a copy of our Privacy Notice before sending us your form. This tells how we will treat your information.

My Circumstances have changed, should I let you know?

Yes. Any change in your circumstances may have an impact on the number of points you have been awarded. Do not wait for us to write out to you, as you could miss an offer. It is your responsibility to keep us informed


Edinburgh & Key to Choice

We advertise our properties through the Key to Choice website alongside council and other housing association vacancies.

This means that anyone who wishes to be housed by us, or if one of our tenants living in Edinburgh wishes to transfer to another ARK property in Edinburgh, they will have to use Key to Choice to bid for vacant properties in which they are interested.


What is Supported Accommodation?

Ark provides Supported Accommodation, which is tailored to the needs of the Tenant. For a person to be eligible for this type of accommodation, they need to have been assessed for a support package and therefore need help to live independently, because of disability.

How do I get a Supported property?

When vacancies arise in these properties we seek referrals from the Local Authority Social Work Department. This means that you must contact your local Social Work Department and ask for an assessment of your needs.

A full assessment is carried to make sure that the property is right for you. In some cases, supported properties are shared with at least one other person, and when this is the case we try to make sure you can meet the other people who already live there.

Equality of Opportunity

Applicants will be based without prejudice to ethnic, race, gender, sexual, political orientation, marital status, ex-offences or religious beliefs.