Have Your Say

We believe in encouraging tenants to become involved with the decisions affecting their tenancies, homes and wider community. We want to include you in: 

  • Decision making; 
  • Sharing information, comments, compliments and complaints; 
  • Providing safe communities where everyone feels included and their input valued. 

All of our tenants receive:

On request we can also give you: Information on housing management policies for example: waiting list, allocations, rent settings, transfer and exchanges, repairs and maintenance. There are leaflets available about these issues which you can get by contacting the your housing services officer on 0131 478 8146. 

How you can get involved:

We want to know what you are thinking about the service you receive. Tenant scrutiny is an important part of how Ark assesses and improves its services and housing. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Tenants' Groups
  • Focus Groups – we often hold focus groups on specific issues affecting the service you receive and would be delighted to hear what you think. 
  • Tenant Satisfaction Surveys – these are sent to tenants throughout the year and every 3 years to give you a chance to have your say without attending meetings, handy if you are busy or just shy. Here is the 2020-21 Report.
  • Make a Complaint (see the Tenants' Handbook for more information).
  • Provide feedback to staff throughout the year. Here is the feedback form for the Annual ARC Report. There is also an Easy Read Version.

See our Speak Out! section for more information on how you can get involved.