Housing Repairs


How To Report a Repair

Please click here for information about how you can contact us and who you should contact in an emergency.

Before you contact us to report a repair, you should first read Repairs and Maintenance Responsibilities, and also Right to repair information, which is provided by the Scottish Government.

If you then need to have a repair carried out, you can email us, selecting Housing Repairs from the drop down menu on the Contact us page.  You should fully complete the form on your screen and then click on Send your details.  Please remember to include the address of the property that needs the repair.

If you prefer to phone us, our staff will talk to you or your representative (during working hours), and provide information about how quickly your repair will be carried out, and by which contractor. We will also be able to advise if the repair is a qualifying repair and whether you would be entitled to compensation if the repair is not carried out within a specific timescale.  Timescales are dependent on the type of repair, but you can discuss this with our staff.

All of the above information is also available in our Tenants Handbook.

We monitor all repairs carried out and send a customer satisfaction form out to our tenants.  We also try to contact all the tenants who reported a repair by phone, to establish if the work was carried out on time and to their satisfaction.