Outcomes and Standards

Outcomes and Standards you can expect from ARK


  • Your individual rights are recognised. You are treated fairly, with respect - and you have fair access to housing and housing services.


  • Communication with ARK is easy and you have all the information you need about ARK, including how and why ARK makes decisions about the service it provides.


  • You find it easy to take part in the level of decision making at ARK that you feel comfortable with.

undefinedQuality of Housing

  • Your home at a minimum meets the Scottish Housing Quality Standard by April 2015 and will meet it after that. Your home is always clean, tidy and in a good state of repair.

Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements

  • Your home is well maintained and repairs and improvements are done when they are needed. As far as possible you will be given a choice about when the work is done.

Estate Management, Anti-Social Behaviour, Neighbour Nuisance & Tenant Disputes

  • ARK, together with other organisations, will make sure that you live in a safe, clean neighbourhood. 

Housing Options

  • If you are looking for a house you get information to help you make an informed decision about the different housing options.
  • If you are on the housing list you can review your housing options.
  • People who might lose their house and become homeless get advice on how to prevent this.

Tenancy Sustainment

  • You get the information that you need to get the right support (from ARK and other organisations) and stay in your home.

Access to Social Housing

  • People who are looking for housing find it easy to apply for different houses. They also get the information they need about how the landlord decides who gets the house.

Value for Money

  • Your housing and support services improve all the time so that you get good value for money.

 Rents and Service Charges

  • There will be a balance between what you pay and the service you get. ARK will also think about if tenants and other service users can afford the services we offer.

You get information about how the money you pay is spent by ARK. This includes information about spending if something costs more than you expected.

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