Learning and Development

undefinedOngoing learning and development is essential for all our staff in order to ensure we can effectively support our people.

We have an in-house Learning and Development team and we are approved as a training centre by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to deliver Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s) in Health and Social Care.

Skills Development

Our staff are expected to develop a range of skills to ensure they can work effectively and compassionately with our supported people and provide person-centred care:

  • Skills in understanding diverse adults and their unique experience
  • Skills to keep adults safe
  • Skills to unlock potential

Professional Qualifications

All staff within the services will be expected to have (or undertake) the relevant  professional qualifications in line with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) registration.

The Learning and Development team will support staff undertaking these qualifications.

Core Training

Core Training is any training that provides the skills or knowledge that a staff member needs to provide support to the Service Users or Service Users they support. This includes courses, materials and support that is legally or operationally required.

For example, all new ARK staff receive an induction that includes core training regardless of the position they hold. Core training can be classroom-based, or be undertaken as part of assessed practice. 

Some core training is accessed through external providers (for example, NHS Scotland).

Examples of core training at ARK include:

  • Risk Assessment in Social Care
  • Health and Safety
  • Care Planning
  • Values
  • Person Centred Planning

All of our staff must also follow the Ark code of conduct, which is firmly rooted in our values and the SSSC code of conduct.

In our service areas, Service Managers have a key role in providing core training to staff.

Additional Training

Additional training or learning that staff undertake in order to understand their job better will be agreed with their line manager or service manager.

Learning Networks

Our staff bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Where possible the Learning and Development team will seek to provide forums where these skills can be shared across the organisation.

These forums can range from formal staff training sessions to lists of experts available to call for on demand help.