Person-centred Care


We are committed to providing person-centred care for our supported people and we also take a person-centred approach to our staff. We want to make our entire staff feel supported in the same way we ask them to support our service users.

Therefore, we want to give a service to each person that:

  • Makes sense to them
  • Supports them to get what they want out of life 
  • Makes them feel happy
  • Keeps them well and safe

 And we want staff to: 

  • Feel important and well regarded
  • Be confident, competent and motivated
  • Feel proud of what we do
  • Really enjoy being at work

Supporting Aspirations

We all require some help and support to meet our needs. We recognise that vulnerable groups in our society may need more support and need that support for longer in order to meet their aspirations. 

We exists to provide that support by:

  • Placing the individual at the centre of all our work and responding creatively to their aspirations. 
  • Providing an individualised service to every person we support.
  • Supporting each individual to be accepted as an active participating member of their community.

 Social and emotional needs

We believe that everyone has gifts and talents to contribute to both their own and the common good. We also believe that everyone has a broadly similar set of needs. 

As well as meeting basic physical needs such as safety, food, sleep, housing and warmth, we believe it is important that these other social and emotional needs (known as John O’Brien’s five service accomplishments) are also met:

  • Sharing ordinary places
  • Making choices
  • Developing abilities
  • Being treated with respect and having a valued social role
  • Growing in relationships.

We will use O’Brien’s five accomplishments as a yardstick to:

  • Guide decisions about the development of new services
  • Inform service management decisions.
  • Evaluate the quality of its services.

For more about our person-centred approach, please see the About Us section where you can read about our values, vision and mission.