Quality and Compliance


Ark is committed to meeting the standards set for us by external regulators and the high standards we set for ourselves.

External regulators and grades

We are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator in relation to our Housing function, and by the Care Inspectorate in relation to the care that we provide.

In terms of Scottish Housing Regulator publications, our most recent Performance report can be found here, and our most recent Engagement Plan can be found here.

The Inspection Reports for each registered service are available to download from the Care Inspectorate's website (www.careinspectorate.com).

Our audit programme

As well as our external regulators, our financial position is audited annually by external financial auditors. Housing, Care and Support and other functions are also audited by external auditors. Both of these audit functions report to our Audit Sub-Committee, which scrutinises and reviews their reports on behalf of our Board of Management.