Our annual report to tenants

As a registered social landlord, we are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator and monitored against the Scottish Social Housing Charter which sets out the outcomes, or results, that tenants can expect from social landlords like us.

Each year we must produce a report to tell tenants how we are achieving these results.

We have just published our latest report that covers the period from April 2020 to March 2021, which is when Covid-19 had the greatest impact on all of our lives.

We have also published our report in Easy-Read

We were able to carry out a tenant’s satisfaction survey at the end of 2020, which meant we had more up to date information on how satisfied you are with Ark as your landlord.

Here are few highlights: 

  • 73% of our tenants who responded to the survey said we were good at keeping you informed about services and decisions
  • 94% of tenants who moved into their home in the previous year were still in that home a year later
  • 70% of tenants are satisfied with how we are managing your neighbourhoods
  • 97% of repairs were completed right first time

There are also a number of areas tenants told us we can improve on:

  • 54% of those who responded to the survey said you were satisfied with opportunities to participate in the landlords decision making; whilst there are a number of caveats to this result, we will remain focused on improving in this area
  • 80% said you were satisfied with the quality of your home
  • It took a little longer to respond to emergency repairs, moving to 5.42 hours from 3.81 the previous year. This can in part, be explained by the challenges for all trades having access to skilled labour, as we have seen the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 hit the property maintenance and construction industry


We remain committed to continuing to focus our energy on getting better in these areas.

We hope you enjoy reading this annual report and if you have any questions, please speak to colleagues from the housing and asset management teams.


For more information, you can also visit our Scottish Social Housing Charter page. 

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