Ark follow a stringent procurement process when purchasing goods and services.

We do this as we want to provide better services to our customers whilst obtaining the best possible value for money when buying from external contractors and suppliers.

We work with contractors and suppliers to ensure our procurement activity reflects our corporate objectives and in particular, that our larger procurement exercises also deliver community benefits.

We encourage all sizes of organisations to compete for business from us.


Procurement Opportunities


We advertise all of our opportunities on the Scottish Government's Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) website and we encourage prospective contractors or suppliers to sign up to receive notifications about any contract opportunities.

If you see a contract advertised that your company is interested in tendering for, you should follow the instructions given in the Contract Notice or advert.


Contracts Register


Current contracts can be viewed on our Contract Register.


Our Policy and Procedures


Procurement is not just about cost and quality, it encompasses the wider elements of sustainability, economic, social and environmental measures to generate savings and identify efficiencies that can be reinvested in other areas of the Group.

Our procurement policy and procedures can be found here.