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How We Work

Enabling Good Lives

Our primary aim is to provide high quality housing and care to all our customers and in doing so we contribute to their quality of life – enabling them to live a good life. We provide a responsive customer service that addresses the specific housing needs of our tenants.

We ensure that our housing improvement programmes are delivered as planned, thus maintaining and improving the quality of our housing. We provide a framework for our supported people to enable them to exercise choice and control over how they receive their support, through the provision of person-centred care, thus enabling them to achieve their desired outcomes and live their chosen life.

Our Vision

Inclusive communities where quality of housing and care enable people to thrive and live a good life.

Our Mission

Create the best possible customer outcomes through our highly skilled people, the provision of high quality affordable homes and excellent care.

Our Values



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Our People

We have over 700 employees working with across Scotland. You can view our most recent Priory Organisational Chart


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Legal & Regulatory Framework

Ark is committed to meeting the standards set for us by external regulators and the high standards we set for ourselves.