Supporting people to achieve their dreams….

Date Posted: 07/09/2023


At Ark, we work with people to support them to achieve a Good Life and for Sarah Jane this meant looking for a volunteer job in her community.


Our staff helped her with applications and forms, made sure the hours suited her and encouraged her to go for it. 


Sarah Jane did very well and got a position at the Cancer Research charity shop in her town.


Here’s her interview:

  • How long have you been working at the Cancer Research Charity shop in Blairgowrie?

2 months.

  • Why did you decide to work there?

I wished to have a job and support people with cancer

  • Do you enjoy working there?

I especially like working on the till and I like to chat to customers.  I get a good laugh with the manager and the other staff.

  • Would you like to do more?

I would like to use this experience to move onto a job that I get paid for to help me with my independence.


As you can see from the photo Sarah Jane is very happy there and the manager is very supportive towards her.