Our People

Ian Logan

Chair of the Board Of Management

Catriona Clarke

Depute Chair of the Board Of Management

Bobby Duffy

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Green

Director of Finance & Digital Improvement

Victoria Knox

Director of People and Organisational Development

Mark Hall

Director of Care & Support

Caryn Innes

Director of Development & Customer Experience

Fiona Ross

Head of Housing

Michael Catlin

Head of People & Organisational Development

Jean Stevenson

Head of Information, Communication Technology

Darcey Black

Board Of Management

Joanna Mansell

Board Of Management

Dave Proudfoot

Board Of Management

Lucy Robertson

Board Of Management

Oliver Saint

Board Of Management

David Belfall

Board of Management

Donna Downie

Board of Management

Craig Unsworth

Board of Management

Tom Leftley

Head of Finance

Neil Armstrong

Assistant Director Care and Support

Michaela Loughlin

Head of Compliance and Improvement