Capital Investment

One of Ark’s key strategic objectives is to have a reputation for excellence and be recognised as a high quality provider of housing and care. To help Ark achieve this we will develop an Asset Management Strategy that supports the commitment and investment to improve the quality standards in our existing homes and sets the vision for our new homes.

The launch of our 2020-25 Business Plan established the foundation for building a range of new affordable homes and community living options for people with particular needs.  As part of a 5 year rolling programme, and within the aspirations of emerging Development Strategy, Ark are aiming to build 20 new homes per year for Ark Housing Association and our subsidiary companies.

Our Asset Management Strategy and Development Strategy will be guided by Housing to 2040, Scotland’s first long term Housing Strategy, which recognises the importance of everyone having a safe and affordable home that meets their needs.

Capital investment will be generated through a combination of rental income, association reserves, grant funding and new private borrowings.

New Build Homes



For Capital Investment Procurement read about Ark's Procurement details here.