Citizenship & Participation

Ark aims to encourage citizenship and participation in all areas of our community.

In order to take forward our work in this area, we appointed a Participation Officer, who ensures that our tenants and supported people are encouraged to become involved, and to have a voice, both within Ark, and in other projects and initiatives in local communities.

We believe that citizenship and participation are about everyone having certain rights and responsibilities and how those rights and responsibilities are put into practice. Anyone can be actively involved in their community if they want to be.

Ark is a member of NIN – the National Involvement Network - and has signed up to the NIN Charter for Involvement. circle logo of NIN with tiger at the centre and text around that reads we have signed up Charter for Involvement

The Charter’s 12 statements show how people who use support services want to be involved:

  • In the services they get
  • In the organisations that provide their services
  • In their wider communities

Go to our Speak Out! section to find out how you can have your say.

Being an active citizen also means being able to complain if you are not happy about something that affects you. Find out more about how to make a complaint.