Annual Survey

Every year we ask the people we support, their family members, and other professionals to complete our Annual Survey to find out if they are satisfied with the care and support service they, or the person they know, are receiving.

We carried out our latest survey in August 2021. We processed all the responses and we shared the feedback with our local teams so they know what’s working well, and where they need to put things right.

Here are some the results of our latest survey:

• 100% of supported people are happy with the care and support they get
• 93% of family members think Ark is doing a good job
• 100% of professionals are happy with the support provided to the person they know

Quotes from people we support

Quotes from people we support:
‘I am very happy with how my staff care and support me with everyday life’
'I feel that Ark are at the very top standard and are doing a very good job and I give them 100/100'

Quotes from family members

‘I feel the standard of care is excellent at all times and I have nothing but praise for Ark’s staff’
'My niece was kept busy during the (Covid-19) restrictions which helped immensely. Someone is always available to answer any queries I have and they keep me informed of any changes or problems'

Quotes from professionals

‘Ark are a very good organisation. No concerns about the type of support they provide’
'In my view the care and support provided is very good and staff contact relevant professionals if they have any concerns'

All of our services are registered with the Care Inspectorate and their inspections reports can be found here