Housing Exchanges

You must have a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement or a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement to request a mutual exchange.

How do I look for a mutual exchange?

There are a number of ways you can find another tenant to exchange with: Register at House Exchange this will enable you to search for other tenants anywhere in the country looking to swap homes. By placing an advertisement in a local newspaper/shop or social media platforms and checking similar advertisements placed by other tenants. Apply to be part of other mutual exchange forums – there are a number of exchange sites that Ark are currently not registered to. Ark tenants are able to seek mutual exchange through these sites but any charges associated with these sites would need to be met by the tenant.

How to apply for a mutual exchange

If you and the person you wish to exchange with are both Ark tenants, then you should both contact your housing officer to obtain application and further information or complete the forms below. These should be completed and returned without delay.

If the person you wish to exchange with is not a tenant of Ark, then they should contact their landlord to apply for permission, each landlords allocation policy will state criteria for a mutual exchange to be approved. 

How long does the exchange take to process?

Ark will respond to a request for a mutual exchange within 28 days from the date on which the forms are submitted. If another landlord is also involved in the process it may take a little longer. Both landlords must give written consent. The exchange is agreed and arranged by the exchange parties.

Mutual Exchange Application Form

To apply for a mutual exchange both you and the person you are looking to apply for will need to download and complete this application form. 

Mutual Exchange Guidance Notes

To help you when making the decision to apply for a mutual exchange there are some guidance notes you should ensure you consider.