Antisocial Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour

Ark is committed to helping tenants to enjoy living in their homes and communities and our main aim is to inform tenants about their tenancy obligations in the first instance and work to minimise the impact neighbour disputes or anti-social behaviour may have. As part of the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreements tenants must not act in an anti-social manner. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and Ark will take steps against any tenant who regularly engages in anti-social behaviour. These steps may include mediation or legal proceedings which could result in the loss of their tenancy.

What is anti-social behaviour?

We take anti-social behaviour in our homes and communities seriously and want to make Ark properties and communities a desirable place for our tenants to live. Anti-social behaviour includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviour that affects the quality of life for tenants or other people living in our areas. If you believe you are suffering from anti-social behaviour, please contact the housing team to report and discuss further. Incidents and issues may be estate management or tenancy breaches. Your housing officer will talk to you about possible actions or solutions. They may also put you in touch with other organisations who could help.

Categories of Anti-Social Behaviour

When we are contacted about anti-social behaviour each case is categorised into the following categories:

  • A – Serious Violence/threatening behaviour Drug dealing Harassment Police involvement
  • B – Persistent Vandalism/damage to common areas Disturbance Noise nuisance (serious, persistent, recurring) Failure to control the behaviour of children or pets
  • C – Breach Of Tenancy Untidy Gardens Stair Cleaning

A member of the team will acknowledge receipt of any complaints and advise the tenant of the action that they would take.

Neighbour Nuisance

Ark will not become involved in any neighbour dispute that is not in direct breach of a condition in our Tenancy/Occupancy agreement. If any issues arise between tenants we would ask that these matters are resolved between the individuals involved.

How to report anti-social behaviour If you have been threatened or feel unsafe in your home please call Police Scotland 999.

If you experience anti-social behaviour, you should report the incident to the housing team on 0131 478 8146 or , a staff member will  investigate the complaint and take necessary action. Further information about Ark’s approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour can be found in our Anti-social Behaviour and Neighbour Nuisance Procedure.