Estate Management

Estate Management Responsibilities

Estate Management can be a complex area to manage as numerous parties have different responsibilities for managing and maintaining parts of an estate. As a landlord Ark staff have a responsibility to identify and note any estate management matters of concern while visiting an area at any time. It may be a matter that requires third party involvement therefore both the housing and asset team will work to establish and build strong links at an estate and neighbourhood level with agencies and services providers.

The information below provides a breakdown of external agencies responsibilities relating to estate management:

  • Local authority – pavements/roads, street lighting, refuse collection, dog fouling, untaxed vehicles, illegal parking, play parks and landscaped areas owned by the Local Authority
  • Police – abandoned cars, untaxed vehicles and illegal activities
  • Contractors employed by Ark to provide a service – cleaning; landscaping; lift maintenance; graffiti removal
  • Residents - The behaviour of residents may affect how estates function – control of pets; behaviour of household members and visitors; garden maintenance; alterations; running businesses from home; use of communal areas such as car parks/drying areas/stairways

Reporting estate management issues

If you are aware of any estate management issues, you should report these to the housing team on 0131 478 8146 or who will investigate the complaint and take necessary action. Ark staff will take any action where possible if the issues relate to a service that we provide or if it relates to an Ark tenant where we can discuss breaches of tenancy.

It is important to remember that Ark is limited in the action that it can take relating to estate management due to the complexity of other organisations involved. There may be instances where Ark will not be able to assist with matters and will signpost you to an external agency for further advice and guidance. Further information about Ark’s approach to dealing with estate management issues our procedure is here.