Energy Bills Support Scheme

Date Posted: 22/03/2023


Do you have a shared gas or electricity supply?

As you may be aware the government has committed to giving every household £400 off their electricity bill. 

This is called the Energy Bills Support Scheme. 


You can now apply for the £400 discount if the following apply to you:

  • Share a meter with other neighbouring households (eg. Hoseasons Garden tenants)


  • You live in a shared property with other tenants


  • The gas and/or electricity bills come to Ark 
  • Ark pays the bills and then charges you


How to apply 

Apply online - 


If you are applying on behalf of someone else, answer questions with their details rather than your own.


Documents you will need to apply

  • an email address or phone number (if you have one)
  • your bank account details (a UK current account in your name)


If you are not registered for Council Tax you will need to upload proof of address (such as a full, current UK driving licence or tenancy agreement) as part of your application.


Application Process

After you apply, your local council will check you live at the address you apply for.

You will be told about the progress of your application by email or letter. You should get a response within 6 weeks.

If you are eligible, your council will arrange a one-off payment. 

You do not need to repay this money.


If you need help to apply

If you require a copy of your tenancy agreement to help with your application you can request a copy of this by emailing or calling 0131 478 8146.


If you cannot apply online for the discount or need help with your application, a dedicated government helpline team will be able to support you with your application.



Telephone: 0808 175 3287

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm