Gemma's weekend at Eyemouth

Date Posted: 10/03/2023


Support Worker Layla tells us how she supported Gemma on a weekend break. 


We enjoyed a two night’s stay at the Cutty Sark Hotel located on Eyemouth Harbour.

In planning our trip we chose Eyemouth as a base as we planned to visit all the nearby beautiful locations such as Pease Bay, Spittal, Cockburns Path and Coldingham.

This was very much up Gemma’s street as she is a strong member of our Walking Photography Group, Snap To Chat and loves to take photos.

We had planned to spend our first day in Berwick and were very much looking forward to getting the camera’s out at Spittal Beach with our main subject being the Lighthouse.

We arrived at 11.30am to check out the surroundings. The beach was quiet with only a few dog walkers. We took a few snaps then decided to go for lunch. Layla suspected we may be in for a spectacular sunset so we decided to come back later.

Layla was no stranger to the Limoncello Restaurant in Berwick. Gemma agreed that she would like to give it a try. We were not disappointed as the food was delicious! We headed back to Spittal Beach and this time took a walk along the Pier to photograph the famous Lighthouse with a pink lit sky.

We rounded the day off at the Amusement Arcade right next to our hotel followed by fish and chips at the harbour.

Gemma and Layla both thought it was a bit much having fish and chips after a big lunch in Berwick to which Gemma replied

“Ah stuff it! We are on our holidays, you can't go to Eyemouth and not have fish and chips!!”

Layla very much agreed.

More adventures took us to Coldingham Abbey for some more photography.

We had a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find Fast Castle that lays in-between Coldingham and Pease Bay, known as a magical place but not to all, this making us even more determined to locate the castle.

Eventually we were off road and located in a car park which felt like we were miles above sea level. We followed the tracks that led us on a downhill jaunt to the coast line, which felt like it was never going to end. We were thankful to see a couple of walkers who explained we were on the right track and it wasn’t much further to go. Sure enough we had reached the sea and there stood the remains of Fast Castle.

Still complete was the drawbridge that led you on to the foundations and remains with stunning sea views.

We spent a fair bit of time enjoying taking photos, although they say for every up there is a down and boy, did we have a heck of a trek upwards to return to the car!

Our break had definitely allowed us to recharge and feel care free.

All that walking definitely justified the fish and chips the night before!