Recruiting leadership roles with people we support

Date Posted: 04/05/2023


In March 2023 Ark carried out recruitment for two positions in our Senior Leadership Team: Colin Philips, our Assistant Director of Care & Support and Lyn Docherty, our Head of Compliance & Improvement were leaving us after many years. 

We saw an opportunity to put the people we support at the centre of this recruitment. We asked Gloria, our Participation Officer, to look for 4 to 6 volunteers who would form an Interview Panel to help us get the right people for these two posts.

Luckily, we support people who don’t shy away from this kind of opportunity and responsibility!


Enter David, Charlotte, Tracy, Lizzie and Fee.

Some of them had already interviewed candidates for support workers or other roles in Ark. For others this was their first experience and after a training session with our Participation Officer Gloria, were ready to go!


Fee and Lizzie interviewed candidates for the role of Assistant Director of Care & Support.

Tracy, Charlotte and David interviewed candidates for the role of Head of Compliance & Improvement.

They were all great at asking their own questions and scoring candidates.

Their involvement made a huge difference in helping Ark to choose who should get the job.

Fee said: ‘I like interviewing people who wants to work with Ark. It’s good to get to know them better’.


So who did we appoint…..

We are delighted to announce that Neil Armstrong has been appointed in to the Assistant Director, Care & Support post. Neil has worked with Ark for over 6 years and has been promoted from his previous post of Regional Manager. Neil’s breadth and depth of knowledge of Ark’s Care & Support operations will be invaluable as he formally moves in to his new role.

We are also delighted to welcome Michaela Loughlin to Ark who successfully came through the Head of Compliance & Improvement recruitment process. Michaela has a background in Housing and Social Care and will be an excellent addition to the Leadership Team. Michaela is currently working through her induction and quickly developing her knowledge of Ark.

Congratulations to both Neil & Michaela and we know you will all join us in wishing them success in their new roles.