Group Structure

Ark Group

Ark Group is currently made up of three companies:

  1. Ark is a registered charity and registered social landlord (RSL) that provides housing and care to supported people across Scotland and is the parent company within the group structure.
  2. Ark Services Limited is a private company limited by guarantee and a wholly owned subsidiary of Ark. Ark Services provides tenancies and landlord services to tenants on the Northeast of Scotland who receive care and support from different service providers.
  3. Ark Commercial Investment Limited (ACIL) is a private limited share company and wholly owned subsidiary of Ark. ACIL leases properties from Ark and in turn re-lets these properties to students who come to live and study in Edinburgh.

Each company has its own Board of Directors which you can find here and works to their own objectives. However, for the subsidiary companies, their objectives must align with those of the parent company and support the achievements of the overall strategic aims of Ark Group.